La Hora Del Blues

Lightnin’ Rod & The Thunderbolts “Delta Time”. Memphis Blues Records 2017. 

Here comes the new piece of work by singer and guitar player Lightnin' Rod, an artist who has in his DNA such varied influences like Muddy Waters, Bob Seger or Eric Clapton to only mention some of the most popular and familiar to general audiences, without forgetting 70’s British pop which also feeds his music, although all these influences can be found in a more spiritual than practical way. In this new work Rod keeps the personal seal which has always been a differential element, both in his singing than in composing or guitar playing. As instrumentalist Rod has got a really effective but at the same time soft phrasing technique, which makes as a result a convincing effective sound that can be immediately enjoyed in every song he plays. Once again The Thunderbolts exceed the musical requirements expected, giving the firm basis and substance to make Lightnin' feel totally comfortable. In this way, the band provides all the needed resources to ensure the songs beauty, that will be easily savoured by all listeners. This is a restrained but at the same time natural and dynamic album, I dare say listeners will immediately enjoy in every aspect. VERY GOOD. 

Vincente Zumiel - La Hora Del Blues (Feb 1, 2018)