Rootstime -- Delta Time

Singer-songwriter / guitarist Lightnin 'Rod Wilson grew up in a town in southeast (the "Wolverine" state) Michigan. Wilson played for several years in several local rock / blues bands, with whom he traveled in the region. In 2004, his debut album "All American Blues" was released and "After The Storm" was released in 2008. As a sequel to 'Guilty of the Blues' [2014] there is now the album 'Delta Time'. Currently, Lightnin Rod's music has been called "Bob Seger Meets Eric Clapton at Muddy Waters' House" but it's hard to push Lightnin Rod's music into a specific box. Throughout the unmistakable portion of blues rock, there are also soul, motown, gospel and acoustic influences. For the ten original tracks (one of which he wrote together with his bass player Jimmy Seville & drummer Greg Kitzmiller) he also drew to the studio Tommy Cates (Harmonica), Roy Edminston (Percussion) and Backing Singers Danielle Gross, Tiffany Bays and Kristi Kitzmiller. For "What I Done Forgot" he received the extra support of Roy Edminston (drums), Shannon Link (bass), Robert Hopps (piano), Jennifer Atkinson Doser (vocals) & Joe Kleycamp (sax). The opener and title song "Delta Time" is familiar with Rod's Resonator and Cates' Harmonica, which we will encounter more often on this trip. "Addicted to Something" we all are! "When I Loved You" is a Southern tinted rocker with a separate lineup and "What I Done Forgot" is a funky shuffle. "Low Down Funky Blues" adds a swampy sequel to this and in the slow rocker "Out of the Darkness" Rod warns us about the future, which he claims to be ominous. Rod still has many open questions in "What Was I Thinking" and the slow blues "Broken Wing (for Jimi)" is a handsome instrumental homage with Rod's guitar in the lead. The shutter "Life of a Bluesman" is the most bluesy song of this album. It floats on an infectious repetitive rhythm and drives Tommy Cates' harmonica grooves very well. “Delta Time” is a blues album that will also attract the attention of rockers and soul lovers. 

Eric Schuurmans - Rootstime (Oct, 2017)