Blues 4 You / Sound Guardian Magazine -- Guilty of the Blues

“This last album, "Guilty of The Blues," has a strong message that Lightnin' Rod is trying to convey to the audience. While there is no doubt that Rod has always been a blues rocker at heart, so is such & his music, his blues expression, which carries colored tones of soul & Motown sound, gospel & the inevitable acoustic impact, & in the end, there are sparkling moments of traditional blues. The Thunderbolts are indeed a rare occurrence in the music industry & does not lack of genuine & true musicianship. As such, I take it as a real rarity in today's music scene. It just shows how good their musicianship truly is. It should be noted that the album offers "Skulirani" atmosphere, without any offensive tensions. "Guilty of the Blues," says the album, which will be its content will satisfy all. As they say may distinguished music critics have something to lie on the first and this is not it. Personally, I still hold that it does not have to be exact. Maybe this album did not sit down at first listen, but with increased attention, after some time I was beginning to open now and then, from tract to track, as I heard sparks, flashes and strong positive vibrations. After all, listen t the next song and all will be clear: the title, "Guilty Of The Blues," "Hurry," "Shufflin Sue," "Living In A Smokescreen", "Brand New Shoes", "Walking In These Shoes" and "Love You Too Much". Lightnin Rod & The Thunderbolts on this album strongly target the population just like mine, there is simply no errors! So, if this album is too mature and predictable, it is because people like us know very well where their breeding ground is and it's just on albums like these. A must listen!” 

Blues 4 U/ Sound Guardian Magazine (May 1, 2015)